Sunday, April 20, 2014

The M.E.O. Podcast #162 Patrick Carney of Kids and Chemicals

This episode of M.E.O. Podcast features the man behind local electronic rock band Kids and Chemicals' unique sound. Guest Co-Host Lando nerds out with him over production stuff way over Merr's head.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Lando Blog: DGB is going to be just fine.

I'm generally a positive person. I just wanna see everybody win. I'd like to hope that most of you are the same way, but when I checked Facebook a couple days ago it was jam packed full of hatred directed at 20 year old phenom/gawd Dorial Green-Beckham who has been officially dismissed from Mizzou's football program amidst a report that he allegedly assaulted his girlfriend's friend by pushing her down four stairs.

...but before y'all pull out ya pom poms, pop a bottle of champagne or do whatever you weirdos do to celebrate someone else's downfall lemme give you three obvious reasons DGB is prolly gonna be aight.

3. It's 2014 and no one gives a fuck about marijuana. The same women who complain about how DGB is a pothead are the ones who drank alcohol during their entire pregnancy & wonder why their kid looks funny.

2. For better or worse...Our long term memory is TERRIBLE. Chris Brown put Rihanna through the fucking spin cycle, Ocho Cinco headbutted a chick & John Lennon used to straight up beat the estrogen out of women. With that said I follow Ocho Cinco on twitter & white people love The Beatles so hey there's that.

1. This isn't the first situation of its kind. Janoris Jenkins, Josh Gordon & Terrelle Pryor are just a few examples of guys who made a bonehead decision in college but still found ways to show off their best endzone dance on gameday in the NFL.

You really gotta be a swaggerless dickhead who's somewhat disappointed with ya own life to wish any type of malice on DGB or any child of God who isn't even old enough to buy vodka let alone rent a car. Cut the kid some slack.

...and don't argue with me if you can't throw a perfect spiral. -Lando